Picture Francesco Parisi Francesco Parisi

is a Professor of Economics at the University of Bologna and is the 2007-2008 Vance K. Opperman Research Scholar and a Professor of Law at the Minnesota Law School. From 1993 to 2006 he taught at George Mason University where he served as Professor of Law & Director of the Law and Economics Program and as an Associate Director of the J.M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy. Professor Parisi is the author of ten books and over one-hundred and fifty articles in the field of law and economics. He is currently serving as Editor-in-Chief of the Review of Law and Economics and of the Supreme Court Economic Review. He is a member of the board of editors of the International Review of Law and Economics, the Journal of Public Choice, the American Journal of Comparative Law, and he serves on the Board of Advisors of the Social Sciences Research Network.

BOCLE’s themes of research:
Economics of regulation, Industrial organization and competition policy, Innovation and intellectual property

Recent Representative publications

  1. Substituting complements, 2006, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2(3), 333-347 (with Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci).
  2. Duality in Property: Commons and Anticommons, 2005, International Review of Law and Economics, 25, 578–591 (with N. Schultz and B. Deporter).
  3. Freedom of Contract and the Laws of Entropy, 2002, Supreme Court Economic Review, 10, 65-90.
  4. Rents, Dissipation, and Lost Treasures: Rethinking Tullock’s Paradox’, 2005,  Public Choice, 124(3-4), 411-422 (with Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci).
Fragmentation in Property: Towards a General Model, 2005, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 158(4), 594-613 (with N. Schultz and B. Deporter).

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