Picture of Michele Abrescia Dr. Michele Abrescia

Michele Abrescia - (J.D., University of Bologna, 2001; Bar exam, 2004; PhD, University of Bologna, 2005; Researcher in Constitutional Law, 2006) is Co-Editor of the Erasmus Law and Economics Review, as well as Director of the Public Choice and Constitutional Law Forum of the Journal. He has studied Constitutional law and Law and Economics at Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley (1998-1999) and researched at the New York University School of Law (2006).

His graduation thesis focused on Public Law and Economics. He holds a PhD in Constitutional Law at University of Bologna, Italy, during which he dealt mainly with the study of the principle of subsidiarity, both on a national and European level.

His main research is currently devoted to the study of the legal system, fundamental rights, federalism, constitutional law and economics. He has published articles, essays, case comments, a book on “The Constitutional Principle of Subsidiarity” (2005), and he held various speeches at academic seminars, meetings, conferences. His recent works have been devoted to a L&E understanding of federalism, to the Italian editing of D.D. Friedman “Law's Order. What Economics has to do with Law and Why it Matters”, and to a law and economics understanding of the EU constitutional law. He is the author, together with G. Napolitano, of a book on “L’analisi economica del Diritto pubblico” (forthcoming, il Mulino, Bologna, 2007).

He has served at Emilia-Romagna Region Financial Department, being the L&E advisor for 2003- 2005 financial policy. He has taught and is currently teaching Constitutional Law and Law and Economics in different Italian universities and PhD programs. After being a trainee lawyer at law firms in Verona and Bologna, he passed the bar exam in 2004. He is currently acting as a lawyer and holds a position as a Researcher and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Bologna, Italy.

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