Picture of Luigi Franzoni Prof. Luigi Franzoni

Luigi Franzoni (1965) earned a D.Phil. in Economics at  Nuffield College, Oxford. He has been Full Professor of Public Economics  at the University of Bologna since 2003. Currently, he serves as the    Bologna Director of the European Doctoral Programme in Law and Economics (EDLE). He is a member of Steering Committee of the Italian Association of Law and Economics, and a member of the Editorial Board of the Review of Law and Economics.

BOCLE’s themes of research:
Innovation and intellectual property

Recent Representative publications

  1. Innovation, duplication and the contract theory of patents,  forthcoming on The economics of Innovation: Incentives, Cooperation, and R&D Policy, R. Cellini and L. Lambertini eds., Elsevier (with Vincenzo Denicolò).
  2. Patents, secrets, and the first inventor defense, 2004, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 13, 517-538 (with Vincenzo Denicolò).
  3. Discretion in tax enforcement, 2004, Economica,  71, 369-389.
  4. The contract theory of patents, 2003, International Review of Law and Economics, 23, 365-380 (with Vincenzo Denicolò).
  5. Negotiated enforcement and credible deterrence, 1999,  Economic Journal, October.

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