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Giacomo Calzolari (PhD Toulouse) is Professor of Economics at Bologna University and research affiliate at CEPR London. He received the European Economic Association Young Economist Award in 2002. He is a member of the steering committee of the Italian Association of Competition Economics. He is associate Editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization.

BOCLE’s themes of research: Industrial organization and competition policy, Regulation, public economics, and health economics

Recent Representative publications

  1. Calzolari G. G. Barba Navaretti,, M. Levi, A. F. Pozzolo Multinational Banking in Europe: Financial Stability and Regulatory Implications Lessons from the Financial Crisis, ECONOMIC POLICY, forthcoming 2010
  2. Calzolari, G., G. Loranth Regulation of Multinational Banks: A Theoretical Inquiry, JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL INTERMEDIATION, forthcoming 2010
  3. Calzolari, G., A. Pavan Truthful Revelation Mechanisms for Simultaneous Common Agency Games, AMERICAN ECONOMIC JOURNAL: MICROECONOMICS, Volume 2, Number 2, May 2010 , pp. 132-190(59)
  4. Calzolari, G., Scarpa, C. Footloose monopolies: regulating a "national champion", JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT STRATEGY vol. 18(4), pages 1179-1214, December 2009
  5. Calzolari, G., A. Pavan Sequential Contracting with Multiple Principals, JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY, vol. 144(2), pages 503-531, March 2009
  6. Calzolari, G., A. Pavan On the Validity of Menu Theorems in Sequential Common Agency GAMES AND ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR Volume 64, Issue 1, September 2008, Pages 329-334
  7. Export restraints in a model of trade with capital accumulation, forthcoming in  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (with Luca Lambertini).
  8. Monopoly with Resale, RAND Journal of Economics, 2006, 37 (2) (with Alessandro Pavan).
  9. On the Optimality of Privacy in Sequential Contracting, 2006, Journal of Economic Theory, 130 (1) (with Alessandro Pavan).
  10. Hormone Beefs, Chlorinated Chickens and International Trade, 2005, European Economic Review, 49 (1), 145-172 (with G. Immordino).
  11. Incentive Regulation of Multinational Enterprises, 2004, International Economic Review, 45 (1), 257-282.

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